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Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or an early-stage startup, an established engineering team or a non-technical founder wanting to start out with a strong engineering foundation, chances are we've done a project with someone a lot like you. Building a 1.0 app from the ground up? Adding new features to an existing one? Troubleshooting a legacy codebase? Looking to provide advanced mentorship to your in-house engineering team? We've done it all. Here are a few examples of our work.


Canvas, a startup dedicated to building online creative communities, came to us with an ambitious idea: an iPad app aimed at encouraging people to draw daily. The requirements were formidable--a high quality drawing engine with advanced features like curve smoothing and drawing playback, combined with social networking and game features. Starting from nothing, we worked closely with Canvas's team to develop, project manage, and iterate what became DrawQuest, bringing a highly complex product to market on an extremely tight timeline. Upon launch, DrawQuest garnered positive reviews and attracted an impressively devoted community of artists whose intricate creations often surprised even the app's creators.


Field Lens is a startup that builds software to help manage some of the most complex enterprises on Earth: construction projects. Their customers rely on continuous access to critical data, even in difficult network conditions. Because of this, Field Lens's app must be able to cache and sync data reliably on the device, and even allow the user to make changes offline. Field Lens came to us for assistance in revamping their app's data infrastructure to offer better consistency, reliability, and performance. We were able to present them with both short term solutions to urgent problems customers were experiencing as well as a longer term plan for a gradual transition to a more robust data architecture, and to work side-by-side with the company's in-house developers in implementing both.


Branch Media wanted to bring their mission to connect people around their common interests to the mobile domain, so they engaged us to help them develop an entirely new product: a mobile link sharing service called Potluck. In addition to building and helping launch the Potluck app, we closely advised Branch's in-house web developers and designers on best practices for their first mobile project.


Vinli makes a bluetooth hardware accessory that plugs into standard automobile diagnostic ports to deliver a wide variety of data to drivers' mobile devices. Vinli's strategy is to create a third party ecosystem around their platform, and they hired us to create a mobile SDK to allows third party developers to incorporate live automotive diagnostic data into their own apps. With an emphasis on ease of use, we designed a flexible but succinct API that abstracts the complexity of Bluetooth and the OBD-II automotive diagnostic protocol and makes it easy for developers to monitor the particular data streams required for their application using familiar Objective-C/Cocoa idioms.

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